How To Create An Action Item? (App)


  • Step 1: Tap on action item from the bottom menu to view Action Item Kanban Board.
  • Step 2: Now tap on “+” floating button to open Action Item modal. In this modal you can see different options, like
    • Enter title here – you can add the title of the action item here.
    • Description – here you can write a description of the action item.
    • Note & Action item – here you can select either NOTES or Action item.
    • Due Date – You can select the due date of this action item, for NOTES you do not need due date.
    • Attachments – you can add any file (photos/videos) regarding action item.
  • Note: while you are creating notes, it will not be visible on the action item board.

the notes are visible on the Action Item list page.

Action Item Status:

  • TODO: It means the work assigning by the assigner to assignee which is totally assignee’s responsibility.
  • IN-PROGRESS: here it means the work assigned by an assigner to the assignee is in process or presently going on.
  • IN-REVIEW: it means the assigned work is done and it is in the review process.
  • DONE: You can find out this step from the name itself, it means the work is done.
  • Step 3: So now if the assignee wants to start the work, he/she can simply drag the action item and put it under IN PROGRESS bucket.
  • Step 3: Now same like the previous step, Once the assigned work is done, the assignee can drag the action item from IN PROGRESS to IN REVIEW.
  • Step 4: And lastly when all work and review is done the Admin can drag that Action item to DONE and admin and assignee will get an award.
  • Step 5: To see action item/notes list, just tap on “List”. Here you can have all action items and notes.

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