LeanFITT Learnings (App)

Step 1: Tap on the “Learnings” from the bottom menu, you will now visit a “Learnings list” page. Step 2: Now tap on any Tools to preview learning. Step 3: You can also create a report by tapping “APPLY TOOL”. Step 4: Also take the quiz for this report.

How To Create An Action Item? (App)

CREATING ACTION ITEM: Step 1: Tap on action item from the bottom menu to view Action Item Kanban Board. Step 2: Now tap on “+” floating button to open Action Item modal. In this modal you can see different options, like Enter title here – you can add the title […]

How To Mention A Member In Your Comment? (App)

In the THREADS section where you can add a comment. ( if anyone wants to edit or delete his/her previous comment they can edit their comment by clicking “edit” option, for delete comment click to “delete” option). you can mention project members by typing “@” to see existing users, in a comment […]