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Limited Time Only

Hosted on your server for your team

Limited Time Only

If you’re looking to organize your continuous improvement efforts, we are uniquely priced for small or moderately sized teams.


For larger teams or companies that need to manage organization wide continuous improvement projects we have a two-tiered pricing model that meets your needs.

Tier 1 Team Size 1-15 $17.99/month billed annually = $215.88 *$21.99 billed monthly Team Size 26-50 $60.50/month billed annually = $726.00 *$65.50 billed monthly
Tier 2 Team Size 16-25 $35.75/month billed annually = $429.00 *$39.99 billed monthly Team Size 51-100 $80.50/month billed annually = $966.00 *$85.50 billed monthly
Free Trial 90 days 90 days
Unlimited Users
Custom Subdomain
Lean Project Management Tools
Export Projects & Reports
Kanban Board (Action Item / Note)
Notifications & Awards
Detailed Learnings & Quizzes on the Lean & Quality Improvement Tools
Tangible & Intangible Savings Report
Share Reports Among LeanFITT™ Team Members
Thread Discussions Between Project Team Members & Report Collaborators
Your Own Organization
Edit & Add Your Content (Learnings) With The LeanFITT™ Editor (requires yearly licensing fee of 10K)
Create Your Own Internal Awards
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Premium Plan

Get custom plan for your organization.

If you’re looking to use us to manage your deployment across the entire organization, we have a progressive pricing model that gets everyone involved with LeanFITT

  • Create Your Own Internal Awards
  • Edit & Add Your Content (Learnings) With The LeanFITT™ Editor*
  • Technical Aids*
Contact Sales *Additional pricing is applicable


Earn commission by joining as a reseller.

Resellers are the persons or companies who intend to promote LeanFITT™ by associating organizations with our platform and earn commission from them. If you are a LEAN Coach or Consultant, then you can also sign up for this Reseller program.

A reseller can create multiple organizations and manage the organizations with their LEAN journey on the platform.

Resellers will earn 30% commission of the total cost of any organization they are associated with.

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Self Hosted

Hosted on your server for your team

This plan includes all features of Enterprise Plan and ability to host the entire LeanFITT™ application in your own Server & Database. Full control of your organization with Peace of Mind data security. Also avail the premium exclusive features like below

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Guranteed security updates & bug fixes
  • Custom functionality and feature requests*
Contact Sales *Additional pricing is applicable
On-site and remote training on all the functions of LeanFITT™ is available. Please call 734-475-4301 or email We offer a 4-hour training session (maximum per group is 12), taking users through a LeanFITT™ business case study and assist in setting up first projects. Cost $2500 per day, plus expenses (minimum 1 day).