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1 What is LeanFITT™?

LeanFITT™ is a cloud-based continuous improvement platform that revolutionizes how continuous improvement is learned, applied, communicated, and sustained using today’s smart devices and web-based portals. LeanFITT™ harnesses the power of continuous improvement, employee engagement, and standardized knowledge and tool usage that inspires the necessary critical thinking skills to obtain sustained process improvements throughout your organization.

We have combined the experience of Lean, Six Sigma, Quality Improvement Tools, and Six Sigma with today’s technology so you can easily and readily focus on improving processes with you and your team that actually stick.

LeanFITT™ surrounds you with the right learnings, tools, and technology during your journey of making your processes FITT– FOREVER!

2 Why LeanFITT™ now?
Continuous improvement has to be way of life for employees to be engaged and most importantly for process changes to be sustained. It is imperative that organizations provide a standardized approach to how the tools are learned as well as applied. Collaborative sharing and having access to all project data on any device at any time allows for continuous improvement to be active in the minds of the users as well as instantly available on their devices. Rewards and notifications are used to “nudge” users into getting things done right, the first time. Get LeanFITT™ today and start your NEW and EXCITING continuous improvement journey!
3 How long with this program last ?
LeanFITT™ is meant to change behaviors and the way you and your team interact over time. A manager or team member will constantly face new issues and challenges as time goes on. It is expected once your experience the ease-of-use and practicality of LeanFITT™it will become your main avenue for all continuous improvement activities, now and in the future. We have priced LeanFITT™as such.

4 How much time should I spend each day with LeanFITT™?

LeanFITT™is meant for incremental learning and applying the skill set to effectively manage and sustain process improvements. Each Learning Module is approximately 15 – 20 minutes of readings and quiz taking. Subsequent application of the tool application, creating a Project, etc. and assigning of Tickets/Action Items as well as completing Ticket activities, would be minutes per day. LeanFITT™was meant to optimize you and your team’s time in all aspects allowing access to LeanFITT™ on any device and time – just need that WIFI connection!

5 Can I pay by a Purchase Order?

Yes. Please call 734-475-4301 or email info@leanfitt.com for more information.

6 How do I get started?

1. Sign-up (2 minutes). We are offering a 30-day free trial! So, to begin with, just complete the Registration process which creates YOUR organization (or eco system). Your will be asked to verify your email address and create a password. No Credit Card is required!

2. Once completed, you will be considered an Administrator for that Organization with the ability to add unlimited users (i.e, Users). It is highly suggested you become familiar with the app prior to inviting users.

3. All Administrative functions regarding adding Users, Updating Subscriptions, etc. must be completed on the Web view (not a device). Other than those specific activities, all other functions will be available on your device (iOS or Android, phone or tablet).

4. Please review the videos in the Profile tab. (Coming Soon)

Each Learner/Licensed users will then receive an email notification welcoming them to LeanFITT™ and requesting them to log-in and change their password.

Then, your LeanFITT™ journey begins!

7 What if I want to cancel my subscription?

We really think you’ll like our program, but we understand that is may not be for everyone, and some may not want to fully commit. If you would like to cancel, go to your account as a Learner/User (single license) or Organizational Administrator and simply unsubscribe.

8 What is the LeanFITT™ Editor?

The LeanFITT™ editor is a text editor that will allow the Administrator of the organization to optimize the content contained in all the Learnings, Quizzes, and Case Studies. The Administrator can delete any and all content, as well as add their own text and images. Quizzes can also be changed as the Learnings are edited.

For more information visit LeanFITT Support, Forum & knowledgebase or contact us through the Quick Contact Now below.

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We would love to answer any and all questions you may have with LeanFITT™. It can be optimized for your organization. We just need to hear from you! And LeanFITT™ can accelerate your continuous improvement journey like nothing else!

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