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LeanFITT™ harnesses the power of continuous improvement, employee engagement, and standardized knowledge and tool usage to inspire process changes that make a big impact. LeanFITT™ surrounds you with the right Functional, Integrated, Technology, and Training during your journey of getting your process FITT– FOREVER!

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LeanFITT™ – Lean with Functional, Integrated, Technology, and Training (FITT)

Lean is simply the most successful and sustainable process and business improvement methodology in the history of the world. LeanFITT™ combines the power of Lean and Six Sigma into a simple, easy to use web-based tools that are,


The functionality of LeanFITT™ comes from the powerful web and device based user friendly customizable tools that track and guide users through improvements.


LeanFITT™ is a web-based complete Lean program management system. LeanFITT™ allows the complete oversight, management, and tracking of an organization’s Lean initiatives and transformation.


LeanFITT™ is mobile, and can be accessed and used anywhere by smart phone, tablet or laptop/desktop. It makes completing improvement projects fun on your smart devices.


LeanFITT™ includes training content, case studies, base and customizable interactive Lean forms and reports to support training initiatives.


LeanFITT™ offers training and consulting services in the areas listed below. Rates vary depending on project and duration. Please contact us for a detailed proposal.REMEMBER, your training or consulting is only as good as the person who delivers it! Don’t be fooled by the big name training and consulting firms. Make sure you find the right fit for your organization. It pays to investigate. Make sure you have the trainer or consultant that has proven themselves with practical materials, delivery, and RESULTS. At LeanFITT™, we pride ourselves on connecting with people, and achieving a high level of commitment, buy-in, and RESULTS! LeanFITT™also has expert trainers and strategists to help organizations with Lean Sigma transformations or initiatives.

Books and Training

LeanFITT™ provides content from many of the publications of MCS Media, Inc., (dba Even though the content is derived from these publications, there may be times where a hardcopy book or handbook may be useful in conveying Lean and Six Sigma tools and concepts. We have been providing step-by-step instructions for how and when to use these tools for over 20 years. Please visit to see our selection.

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