User Invitation (Web)

Go through video :

Go to “Users” From the left navigation. ( Only admin can access the user’s page )


  • STEP 1: Click on the “Users” from the left navigation menu and you will now visit “Users page”.

  • STEP 2: In the “Users Page” you will get some filter options on the top for eg. Department, Role ( from this role you can select “admin” “user” i.e who is your project admin or user,  you can filter it and filter your department ) and most importantly on left hand side one button called “INVITE” and on the right hand side which is called “INVITE YOUR TEAM”.

  • STEP 3: Click on the “INVITE” button to invite a user with user email id in your leanFITT organization, or you can click on the “INVITE YOUR TEAM” button to invite multiple users.

  • STEP 4: After sending an invitation you can see the invited user here, where you can click on right navigation you can see two options “REMOVE” “RE INVITE”. Here you can remove your user or re-invite user. If the invited user will accept the invitation then you can see the user under “ACTIVE USERS”.

  • STEP 5: Inside the Active user, you can click on right navigation and now you can see one option “PROFILE”( for only admin), Suspend ( for the only user). Click on PROFILE to edit your profile or you can suspend your active user to click “SUSPEND”.

  • STEP 6: If admin wants to RESTORE any user from the SUSPENDED USERS then click on the RESTORE button to active them.

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