How To Create Action Item In A Project? (Web)

Now in this step you can create an Action Item by clicking on this ADD NEW button

After clicking on the ADD NEW button you can see your Action item modal, In this modal you can see different options, like

  1.  Select Action item/note status – under action item/ note you can get multiple options like notes, to do, in progress, review, done (for eg, here I am selecting the option TODO)
  2. Select Project – here you can select a project, but if you are selecting project here your Action item will be saved under that project only. You will not find your Action item under this report.
  3. Select Report – If you are creating an Action Item from inside a report, then the report will be automatically linked with that Action Item.
  4. Select Assignee – You can select assignee from here

Now if you are noticing, on the left You can ADD TITLE there ( for eg. I have the Title as TRIAL AI), Select a DUE DATE, Add DESCRIPTION, And upload any files related to this report, then click on “CREATE” button.

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