What Is DMAIC?

One of the best ways to systematically improve your business processes is to use the DMAIC framework. DMAIC is a highly effective, data driven, five step approach to business that is one of the many useful components of the six sigma toolkit. The main goal of DMAIC is to eliminate […]

Some Benefits Of A3 Project

A3 project has many benefits It helps us follow a thinking process Facilitates communication Builds consensus Stimulates learning Forces us to focus what is priority Supports both mentoring and leadership Helps us solve all kinds of operational and organizational problems Most importantly it helps us to plan

Benefits of 5S

Decreased time searching for items, supplies, customers Decreased probability of errors Increased productivity Increased respect to and from employees Increased professional image Positive Return On Investment (ROI) Shorter customer wait times Streamlined administrative price

What is 5S?

5S are an integral part of a lean initiative. Now what is exactly 5S stands for. Sort Set Shine Standardization Sustain So basically, 5S is a process to ensure physical areas and paper-based or electronic documents are systematically kept clean and organized, assuring employee safety in meeting customer expectations while […]


Continuous improvement is a part of life, and it has to be a way of life for employees to be engaged most importantly for process changes to be sustained. It is imperative that organizations provide a standardized approach to how the tools are learned as well as applied. Most importantly […]


LeanFITT™ is a cloud-based continuous improvement platform that revolutionizes how continuous improvement is learned, applied, communicated, and sustained using today’s smart devices and web-based portals. But before that firstly we need to understand what is “LEAN” exactly means. A LEAN organization understands customer value and focuses its key processes to […]