What Is Standard Work?

Standardized work is one of the most powerful but least used lean tools. There is much confusion about Standard Work. There actually quite a debate about what is Standard Work. Standardization means setting a standard as well as bringing a condition into conformance with that standard. Now, there are three […]

Some Benefits of PDCA

It stimulates continuous improvement of people and processes It prevents the work process from recurring mistakes It lets your team test possible solution on a small scale and in controlled environment

What Is PDCA?

This is a four step problem solving methodology. The full form of PDCA is PLAN-Recognize the opportunity and plan the change DO- Taste the change CHECK- review the tests, analyze the results and identify learnings ADJUST/ACT- Take action based on what you learned in the check step, if the change […]

Some Benefits of Mistake Proofing

Encourages individual accountability for excellence Without involving too much effort, the procedure performs 100% assessment Discovers and eradicates defects as early as possible in the process Presents immediate response, thus minimizing the time for remedial action

What Is Mistake Proofing?

Mistake proofing is also called Poka-Yoke. Mistake proofing is about adding techniques to prevent defects as soon as possible,If one does occur. Poka-yoke is often used as a synonymous term but its meaning is to eliminate product defects by preventing human errors.

What Is Lean Overview and Assessment?

There is 5 steps in the lean assessment process Understand the project Conduct a current state analysis Apply the principles of lean program design Deliver information about proposed program savings Track the results of improvements

Some Benefits Of Leadership

Most important benefit of the shared leadership model for lean management is that it allows continuous improvement to blossom It gives each team member the opportunity to take the ownership of the process Your team will feel more secure to suggest improvements to their workflow and conduct experiments

What Is Leadership?

The means and methods to eliminate team issues during a kaizen event. Lean leaders don’t always have to have a position of authority. Lean leaders in an organization exist at many different ranks- they can be the hourly shop floor employee, the procurement specialist, the warehouse supervisor, all the way […]

What Is Gemba Walk?

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. From such a perspective, most of the contemporary managers seem to be insane. The Gemba Walk is an essential part of  Lean management. Its initial purpose is to allow managers and leaders to observe the actual […]