Some Benefits Of Kaizen project

Kaizen reduces waste in areas such employees skills, waiting times, transportation, worker motion, over production, excess inventory Kaizen improves product quality, use of capital, production capacity, space utilization and employee retention

What Is Kaizen Project?

Kaizen tries to improve business as a whole by creating a standard way of working, increasing efficiency and eliminating business waste. Six sigma is more focussed on quality output. Lean is all about eliminating waste to increase process speed and quality through the reduction of process waste. KAIZEN is the […]

Some Benefits Of Gemba Walk

Continual adjustment becomes possible Building stable relationships with those who actually do the work and create value Identifying problems and taking actions for achieving continuous improvement much faster

Some Benefits Of Waste walk

When you successfully apply the WASTE walk approach, you will have educated employees, who are now able to look for and identify opportunities every day These employees will be more engaged in looking for improvements in their work, The walks will uncover opportunities that would not be found otherwise The […]

What Is Waste Walk?

In lean taking a “waste walk” is one way to make the waste visible again. A waste walk is simply a planned visit to where work is being performed to observe what’s happening and to note the waste. There are some wastes of lean manufacturing- Defects, Excess processing, over production, […]

Some Benefits Of Standard Work

Maintain a clean documentation of the current process for all shifts Reductions in variability Easier training of new operators Reduction in injuries and strain Create a baseline for improvement activities